It's all Grace

Sydni Griffin is a Painter & photographer based out of New Mexico. Influenced by her Grandfather Charles Lee and the Great Southwestern Region, Sydni combines passion for creation, with quiet elegance to create beautifully unique work.

“Art is about capturing the beauty and grace in the world. Art is about exercising talent and giving honor to the wonderful things in this world. The goal of Still Life Artistry is to give a little grace to everyone through the media of Fine Art and Photography.” 

Fine Art

Sydni has been painting and drawing her entire life. She favors people and nature as her subject matter, working to capture each subtle moment of the truly beautiful. Her subtle style aims for realism with simplicity and loveliness with honesty.


Sydni's photography ranges from portraits to landscapes. She has a particular love of black and white. Over all, her style features appealing lines of composition, contrast, and a quiet tone. 


Sydni is available for photo shoots such as family portraits, graduations, and weddings.